Jill Hines

Jill Hines is one of the founders and directors of Ebb and Flow Yoga Studio. She draws upon a lifetime of experience seeking out mind/ body connections through her personal yoga practice, a deep love for dance, body work, and meditation… not to mention her thousands of hours teaching yoga, attending  workshops, trainings and certifications in yoga, massage therapy, group fitness, pilates and barre. Her love for the body, anatomy and functional movement pave the way for mindfully crafted and carefully designed classes. Her own experience with personal injury, her son’s diagnosis of the auto immune disease type one diabetes and years of working with clients needing a unique approach to their yoga practice has shaped the way she constructs her classes. When she first started teaching she was drawn to power vinyasa and it’s sweaty, energetic vibe. Lately she is pulled in a more therapeutic direction helping students with pain management, arthritis, brain and spinal injuries, visual impairment, joint mobility issues, grief, loss, and depression. You will find the space Jill creates to be warm, inviting and approachable.

Off the mat Jill loves to hike, swim, garden, go on bike rides with her two boys, snuggle and watch movies with her beautiful daughter, dance in her home studio, drink french press coffee in the early morning and go on impromptu picnics.

Jill holds certifications with yoga alliance, and AFAA and also is a massage practitioner. Jill will be traveling to Vancouver, Canada this summer to study under Bernie Clark at Semperviva Yoga. 


Allie is a free spirit and passionate yoga teacher who currently calls Vacaville, CA her home. She was inspired to practice yoga after the birth of her second son in 2006 in Davis, CA with Susan Kluck. However, it wasn’t until her sister moved to the area and after the birth of  her third son that Yoga quickly became a new way of life for her. It gave her a strong sense of purpose, allowed her to reconnect with areas of herself she let go, while she explored a new way to move and strengthen her body and mind. In 2012, she took her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with Courtney Willis in Vacaville, CA.

Allie’s unique Vinyasa teaching style incorporates a supportive space, a flowing movement of the body, all synchronized with breath. Allie takes her students on a journey through each pose with ease and clarity, while creating a warm and welcoming class in which people can explore their own personal practice.

Allie encourages her students to speak their truth and see the light that shines brightly within them. She supports people to feel confident in who they are, where they are and to always remember to be true to themselves by following their heart as a compass.

Allie is currently studying at Yoga Tree in San Francisco to complete her 500-RYT and will be traveling to Vancouver, Canada this summer to study under Bernie Clark at Semperviva Yoga. 

For Allie, Yoga is more than just the asana practice. It is feeling supported and loved in a community and extending your practice beyond the mat. When she isn’t teaching yoga at Ebb & Flow you can find Allie enjoying her three boys (basically a loved and glorified chauffeur) or hanging out with her partner exploring various parks, restaurants and coffee shops.

May Onisko

A native of Vacaville, I am a lover of family, friends, yoga, naps and sugar. The End! Really that’s all that matters.

My love for yoga began twenty years ago while attending CSUS; I began taking Bikram yoga and immediately was hooked. Soon after I started my first 200 hour teacher training program and shortly after that jumped into teaching. Knowing that teaching was a natural fit for me I began to expand my “bag of tricks” by becoming certified in all things group fitness and personal training. I have certifications not only as an E-RYT but in Pilates mat and reformer, Cycling, TRX, Water Aerobics, Zumba and much more. As well as being a massage therapist and health educator through the National Holistic Institute.

By far my favorite learning experience has been taking a 200hour RYT program at a Baptist studio in the Washington DC area. The experience changed me; how I communicate with people around me, how I see the world and how I teach. Over the years I have had the privilege to learn from and work alongside some of the best of the best in both the worlds of yoga and fitness in health clubs, studios and resorts across the country. Before moving back to Vacaville in April of 2017 I was the Fitness Manager at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in the San Diego area the number one resort in the country.  

My mat is where I hide out and check in. Check in on my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. My life off the mat has been a wild ride as a wife, mother and doer of pretty much everything.

For me the beauty of yoga is finding the sthira and sukha (steadiness and ease) in every pose and then letting your breath move the body through the fullness of each transitions with grace. My goal as a teacher is to inspire and empower my students to find that and live it on and off the mat!

As the previous owner of MatHead Yoga & Fitness Studio I got to create this space and plant the seeds of my vision and dreams for yoga in Vacaville. I am so grateful for the opportunity to come back and share a little bit more of myself with the beautiful Ebb and Flow community. It really is only the beginning!

Heidi Rydman

My yoga journey began in 2010.  I was in the darkest place I have ever been.  I had always been interested in trying yoga,  but hadn’t worked up the courage to go to the studio just yet.  There was a studio on the way to the grocery store I went to in downtown Sacramento, every time I passed it I would think to myself, I want to go there.  After my life took a drastic turn towards depression, I had to do something.  I was too chicken to go by myself, so I asked my sister to make the trip to Sacramento and go to yoga with me.  The experience was awakening.  After that I found my way to my mat as often as I could and I slowly started to rebuild myself.  It was the long hard road, with a lot of sweat, chatarungas and child’s poses, and it was all worth it.  I submerged my self into the loving embracing community of ZUDA.  I was 2 years into my journey when the intrigue of teacher training became a reality.  The transformation continued.  After Graduating Zuda Teacher Training inspired by my teachers Anne Marie Kramer, Bill Prysock and Jessica Micheletti, I hit the ground running.    Fast forward to 2017 I have taught over 2000 classes and have loved every minute of it.  Just in case you were thinking all yoga teachers live a glamorous lifestyle you would be wrong.  With all the success I have been blessed with, I have had just as many set backs.  On top of being a yoga teacher I married the most amazing man in the world in 2013 and we have been blessed with two beautiful children;Sebastian was born at home in 2015 and Savannah was born at home in 2016.  
My yoga classes are fun, dynamic, and real.  I like to play loud music that inspires your practice and your experience.  I truly believe yoga can transform your mind and your body, trust me I’ve done the leg work (pun intended).  I hope to see YOU on the mat!  
Worlds of love

Brandy Erazo

Ebb & Flow Vacaville

I attended my first yoga class in 2007. It was fun and lighthearted and a light came on! Reflecting, I feel as though I have been practicing my whole life and, for me, this is my anchor. I am always a student and only from this perspective can I teach. Expect to be challenged in my classes, not only physically, but mentally and perhaps emotionally. I invite students to rethink their own boundaries and explore the possibilities that are waiting to be discovered.